Care & Recycling


Your knots may be a little misshaped or crimped after its journey to you. It's all good though! Here are some tips after unwrapping:

  • Hang up any hangers/hangings.
  • Use a steamer, flat iron (yes, the one for your hair!), or spray bottle with water and your hand to gently straighten hanging cords.
  • For fringe or tassels, use a fine-tooth comb or pet brush to gently re-straighten. This can be repeated from time to time as tassels will naturally want to re-twist itself.
  • Use a lint roller to remove debris.
  • Spot clean only. Do not put items in a washing machine.


I make every effort to reuse packaging materials, and I hope you will too! But if you don't plan on upcycling materials for gifts or packages, please follow proper local recycling guidelines!

Paper and cardboard should be stripped of any plastic tape before sorting into your home recycling. Soft plastics can generally be recycled at your local supermarkets. Look for a bin usually located by the doors for special recycling programs.

PRO TIP: Many small biz owners and other folks are looking for odds and ends like shipping materials! Check out your neighborhood's Buy Nothing group ( to offer up your materials!